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The Ultimate Life-Planning Workbook

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The Ultimate Life Planning Workbook

Despite research proving that people who set goals are more successful, less than 3% of people have written goals, and over 90 percent of people who set goals never achieve them. So, what separates those who are able to achieve their goals and those who are not? The right system.
Introducing The Ultimate Life-Planning Workbook, the most comprehensive life-planning system on the market today. The Ultimate Life-Planning Workbook is a not a planner, it is a planning system that helps you create a complete game plan for your life.
Craft your vision, map out your goals, incorporate the right people, resources, and habits, and stay on track with your daily activities in every area of your life. This is your one-stop planning tool to help you achieve your biggest goals and create a life – in every area – that you absolutely love.

The Workbook



All planners are not created equal!

The Ultimate Life-Planning Workbook is about every aspect of your life, and helps you keep track of everything – your career, your health, your money, your life all in once place, for the whole year (or longer). You will not need another planner. So, if you are someone who has more than one planner, or someone who finds most planners incomplete, you’ll be glad to have your life all in one planning tool.
AND! With your Ultimate Life-Planning Workbook you will also get access to EIGHT coaching videos in which Coach Kathy will not only walk you through how to use each section of the workbook but she will also share with you the tips and tricks she uses to create her success. These videos will insure that you will get the most out of your workbook.
If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.

Jim Rohn


The System

Each section of the workbook is part of a system that will take you from your Long-Term Vision, to your Goals, to your Daily Routines so that you will know, without a doubt, that the actions you are taking each day are moving you towards the life you ultimately want to create.
This system is a researched-based, proven goal-achievement process that incorporates the concepts of shifting your mindset and your behavior in order to help you maintain focus and achieve your biggest goals.
There are eight sections to the workbook...
1 - Bucket List
Create your Bucket List
01-Bucket List
2 - Long-Term Vision
Craft the future vision for your life.
02-Long-Term Vision
3 - One-Year Goals
What do you commit to achieving in the next year?
03-One-Year Goals
4 - High-Leverage Goals
Choose and work through the goals that will propel your life forward?
04-High-Leverage Goals
5 - Action & Project Planning
Break down your action steps into quarters and discern which action items are really projects.
05-Action & Project Planning
6 - People & Resources
Identify the people and resources that will support your success.

06-People & Resources
7 - Habits & Rituals
Determine the habits and rituals that will shift your mindset as well as behavior.
07-Habits & Rituals
8 - Daily Routines
Consistently track your monthly, weekly and daily progress.
08-Daily Routines
If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.

Jim Rohn

  • As a person who still loves her paper planner, carries it with her, but also has more than one aspect to her life, The Ultimate Life-Planning Workbook is amazing! It helps me hold myself accountable, be real about what is important to me and put myself first. The better I am, the more I have to give.
* Discount pricing available for bulk purchases of the workbook (10+)

60-Day Guarantee

The reality is that it takes time to incorporate new habits and begin to see your desired results. Yet, although I stand100% behind the effectiveness of this product, if after 60 days you feel as though this is not the system for you, you can return it for a full refund.

About Coach Kathy

Coach Kathy Wilson is a Personal Success Strategist, speaker, author and the host of the "Your Mind is F*cking With You" podcast. She coaches people to reframe and intentionally redefine their definition of success and empowers them to step into the highest version of themselves and their lives.
Coach Kathy knows what it’s like to be fully engaged, hyper focused and working towards her highest potential both on and off the court. As a former college and professional basketball player and college women’s basketball coach, Coach Kathy spent years studying what it takes to win. She recognizes the impact that mindset plays on performance, the significance of accountability and why having a game plan is imperative for long-term success.